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Princess stories

Beautiful long dresses, a magnificent castle, a prince on a white horse and a team of servants who do all sorts for you... Is it not wonderful to imagine what life would be like as a princess?

How to become a princess

Do you, like a lot of other girls and the Pritt Pink Stick, dream of being a princess when you are older? But how do you actually become a princess?

It is not that easy to get the actual title. To have that title, you have to be born into a royal family, marry a prince or be given the title for a special reason. But you can behave and feel like a princess without the title. We'll show you how.

Princess for a day

With our tips, you can feel like a royal highness for a whole day.

This is how:

  • Put on your most beautiful dress! It looks especially pretty if it is pink and luxurious and decorated with lace, frills and bows etc.
  • Make a Pink Princess Tiara with our craft tip and put it on.
  • Have your parents or brothers and sisters be your servants all day long.
  • Get your best tea service out.
  • Meet up for "tea time" with your friends in true princess style. Your parents or brothers and sisters can serve you tea and biscuits etc. here too.

 Don't you feel like a real princess now?

Truly majestic

A true princess is Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. She is the eldest child of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia and is the heir to the throne of Sweden. It is therefore possible that she and her husband Daniel will one day rule the entire country.

Catherine Mountbatten-Windsor, better known by her maiden name Kate Middleton, has found her way into the British royal family. You have surely heard of her! She married Prince William in April 2011 and became Duchess. Since then, her official title is "Her Royal Highness Catherine Elizabeth, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus". Pretty long, isn't it? Her shortened title "Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge" is easier to say. Catherine is actually not officially a princess. In the United Kingdom, you can only be a princess if you are born into the royal family or are given the title specially.

True nobility are very popular with people in Europe. A lot of people, especially younger ones, admire them and you can read about them in many magazines. In some countries there are even princess rankings where people vote for their favourite princesses. For example, in a princess ranking in Germany, Kate Middleton was voted third most popular princess, directly after Princess Victoria of Sweden (1st place) and Princess Máxima of the Netherlands (2nd place).

Where do nobility live?

The residences of the nobility are as luxurious and decorative as their names. Just a flat or a house like you and your family? That would be far too little for a noble family. Many of the royalty do not just have one residence but have several houses, villas and palaces. Prince William and his wife Kate live in a farmhouse on the Welsh island of Anglesey, but also have an apartment in the famous Kensington Palace in London. Crown Princess Victoria also has a number of residences.

But life as a princess is not always as wonderful as you might imagine now. Life as a royal also has its down sides. You have lots of duties. And who wants to always be in the limelight?

So maybe you’re are better off with just imagining your pink princess stories with our tips. For more princess style crafting ideas have a look in our gallery. Why not craft a princess Dress-Up doll (note: Link to crafting idea: “Dress-Up doll”) or a pretty Fairy Princess dress (note: Link to crafting idea: “Pink Princess Tiara”)? Enjoy the majestic feeling!

Crafting Idea: Tiara

A dazzling headdress for little princesses!

Magic Wand

Do you need a really special wand to help you cast your spell on the world?

Dress Up Doll