Create Your Own Game

Create your own games for the whole family

You don't know what to do with the family next weekend? Rain means that outdoor activities are off the cards? So get comfortable at home and use the time together for exciting fun and games. You can make the perfect games really easily yourself. The whole family is sure to enjoy following examples.

Redesign classic party games

Traditional board games are great for rainy days or cosy evenings at the weekend. You can create your own versions of your favourite games with no trouble at all. Cut out a piece of card in the desired shape and size and draw or stick your favourite board game route on it. You will need coloured card for the cone shaped playing pieces. Cut out four circles from each colour card. Then remove a quarter from each of the circles and make the remainder into a cone - the overlapping ends are then glued together.

You can make your game really individual by putting photos of the family members on each piece. Print out four photos of each family member and attach them to the playing piece that they choose. One way to do that is to stick a toothpick in the middle of the cone with part of it sticking out of the top. Then you can attach the photos on the end toothpick. Let the games begin!

Another popular game is the pairs game. How well does your family know your relatives? How quickly can you and your children find the matching pairs amongst the photos arranged face down on the table? It is an exciting adventure and you have to look very carefully, because some family members look very similar... For the pairs game you need to cut out 20 pieces from the same colour card. Stick photos of your relatives on the pieces of card - two of each person. The aim of the memory game is then to find the pairs amongst the cards as quickly as possible.

Family skittles

The classic game of skittles can be great fun for the whole family. Especially if the nine skittles have photos of the family members on them. All you need are nine empty plastic bottles of the same size to create your own individual skittles set.

Each family member can design an own skittle (or more depending on the number of players).
They can then be decorated according to each person's taste, for example with flowers or animals. A photo of each family member stuck onto the bottle neck is then a particular clue. You can use a tennis ball or similar for the ball. Let's play skittles!

Make your own marble run

Marble runs are great to make yourself and are great fun for young and old! You will need a few recycled materials such as a shoe box, some (corrugated) card, empty kitchen or toilet rolls, glue, different coloured crayons for decoration, a pair of scissors, and of course, marbles. So that the marbles don't roll too far off the run, either use a shoe box or make your own edges for the run. Your creativity knows no limits: make waves, tunnels, slopes etc. But don't forget to test out whether the marbles will fit through the obstacles while you're making it. Once you have glued it all down you can then add some colours and when everything is dry set the marbles rolling.