Birthday Party

Creative ideas for the next birthday party

Your child's birthday is a great opportunity to get creative. This page has lots of suggestions and ideas about how to make your child's special day and birthday party an unforgettable experience for friends and family alike.

How much longer until my birthday?

Create a countdown calendar with the last few days until your child's birthday! Then you and your child can tear off a page for each finished day. Your child will then be even more excited about their "big day".

To make the calendar, cut out 30 pieces of paper to A6 size and write the numbers 1 to 30 in coloured pens on each page. The calendar is even more personalised if you decorate the pages, for example with flowers or animals. Put the pages in the right order: 30 on the top, then 29, then 28 and so on. Then you just have to punch holes through the top, put a string through and tie it. Then you can easily hang the calendar on the wall and do the countdown and tear off a page with your child everyday.

Then your child always knows exactly how many more nights sleep they have until their "big day".

Colourful themed party

Your child's birthday should be a special day, and the party too. It can be great fun to decide on a theme for the party in advance and design the whole birthday in that way. Good ideas boys are "pirate party", "valiant knights party", "football party" or "cowboys and Indians". Girls are sure to love ideas like "elves and fairies", "circus", "pony stables" or "princess party".

First, create invitation cards that match the theme. Your child can then give them out to the guests at school. On the day of the party, as well as the matching decorations with streamers, napkins, drinking straws and cups, each child should be given a birthday hat or mask in the style of the theme. And don't forget party bags for the guests - each child then gets a small toy or some sweets.

Children always love classic games such as blind man's bluff, eating races or pin the tail on the donkey and they can also be adjusted to the party theme.

A possible highlight of the birthday could be finding and beating a piñata, a colourful figure made of paper mâché used traditionally in Mexico and Spain, which is filled with bright sweets and small gifts for the guests and the birthday child.

Photos of the best moments

Capture the best moments of the day on camera! At the end of the party you can print out photos for the children on your PC and make photo frames with the children. Stick the photos on a piece of card. Then each child can design their own picture frame, however they like. They can choose a colour for the frame, cut it to the right size and then decorate it with sequins, feathers, leaves or anything else you have.  Each child's name and the date are then written at the bottom. That way, each child has a great reminder of the birthday party that they can look at again and again.